Grand Central Station Birmingham by Alex Upton

Grand Central Station Platform - Photography: Copyright © Alex Upton  

I was recently commission by Taylor Maxwell to photograph both their internal and external cladding instillations at the recently renovated Grand Central Station in Birmingham - formerly New Street Station. I was especially excited to take on this project and return to the city I grew up in and see for myself the transformation that had taken place. With memories of the old, dreary concourse still stubbornly set in my mind I was pleasantly surprised upon my arrival to see how the once claustrophobic space had been expanded into such bright, spacious accommodating area. I can now enthusiastically recommend anyone to travel to Birmingham safe in the knowledge their first impression of the city will no longer be marred by its dystopian infrastructure.

If you head over to my portfolio you can see a small selection of the internal photographs I captured of the cladding installation on and around the platform area. Work is still ongoing and unfortunately due to strict health and safety regulations tripods weren't allowed on the platforms so you will have to forgo any ghostly shots of trains sweeping through the station. The external shots are to soon follow.