Project Update: Durham Factory Visit by Alex Upton

Durham Factory - Photography: Copyright © Alex Upton

Durham Factory - Photography: Copyright © Alex Upton

I was recently invited by Taylor Maxwell to photograph and document the various stages and processes employed in manufacturing large sections of pre-cast brick cladding. The visit to the factory in Durham was an enlightening one, having always been fascinated with manufacturing getting to see this often under-exposed part of the construction process revealed in me a new appreciation for all the hard work that goes into creating something that is often experience by an architectural photographer as the finished building. A number of photos from the visit have been added to my portfolio where you can see just a small selection of the stages involved. 


Photo Update: St. George Wharf Tower by Alex Upton

St. George Wharf Tower - London - Photography: Copyright © Alex Upton

Development: St. George Wharf Tower
Architect: Broadway Malyan
Location: Vauxhall, London
Height: 181m (50fl)

St. George Wharf Tower in Vauxhall was looking particularity nice in the sun the other day with the clouds reflecting of its façade, here are a few photographs i managed to capture before it was engulfed by them. Further images of the tower can be found on my Flickr page. 

Construction Update: The Corniche by Alex Upton

The Corniche - London - Photography: Copyright © Alex Upton

Development: The Corniche
Architect: Foster & Partners
Location: Lambeth , London
Height: 89m/80m/44m (27fl/24fl/13fl)

This residential development by Fosters & Partners is situated adjacent to The Merano Residences on the Thames River Bank - doucumented in the previous post. There are a number of future developments in the pipeline along this stretch of the river, with one currently at the demolition stage and the other awaiting planning approval.